Being "Copper River"

The Copper Valley Hammers You Into Becoming A New & Different Person

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All creatures are changed and rebuilt by their environment. No matter how different they seem when they start out.

If you live in the ocean you need fins. So birds (like penguins), mammals (like otters and whales), and fish all developed fins. 

Buck Brown of Gakona. A Transplanted Mainer.
If you're going to live in the air, you need to fly. It doesn't matter if you're an insect, a bat, a flying squirrel, or a bird -- a set of some sort of wings is necessary if you're intending to inhabit the world of open air.

The Copper Valley was a lot like the ocean or the air. It changed people.  In an intuitive, relatively unscientific, rapid, Lamarckian (yes, definitely not Darwinian) manner. 

To live in the Copper Valley required persistence, self-reliance, planning, resilience, and an ability to rely on, and help, those around you. It didn't matter if you were a contact-era Ahtna Native who had grown up in the boreal forest and had never seen a soldier before, or if you were a newly arrived 1972 homesteader from Ohio.

The place itself, if you stayed long enough, shaped you into a new and different person. A Copper River person. 

  Northcountry Communications. All Rights Reserved.

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