Jim Frey Sr. of Slana, Telling A 1914 Nelchina Gold Rush Story

  The Little Nelchina Gold Rush Of 1914:

The Tarp, The Snow & The Wise Horse 

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Some Things Never Change. A Snow-Covered Cook Shack At A Copper River Valley Camp, In 2014. A Hundred Years After Jim Frey's Story.
It's hard, when you're traveling cross-country in the Copper River Valley, to know where to find help, or shelter, in the wilderness.

Jim Frey, Sr., of Slana, enjoyed recounting stories of his long life in the Copper Valley.

One of his stories was recycled. It was a retelling of a story he had heard in 1946. 

Jim recalled:

"I met an old gold miner from Chisana. He told me of the Gold Rush to the Little Nelchina in 1914. Today, the area is known for caribou. He did not see any in 1914. But there were lots of rabbits.

"They prospected all summer, without much success. Only a few creeks had mineable gold. 

"When they were leaving the area, they were trying to find a cabin they heard of. But it was snowing hard, and getting dark, so they hobbled the horse and made camp. Next morning, the tarp was down on them, heavy with snow. 
"The cabin. It was only a few hundred feet further on. And the horse was standing in the doorway. Looking out."

  Northcountry Communications. All Rights Reserved.

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